About Us

Hello, and welcome to Maryland Mensa’s website. Maryland Mensa currently has around 613 members, but there are thousands more who meet Mensa’s sole eligibility requirement: A score in the top 2% on any of over 200 intelligence tests.

If you are interested in joining Mensa, please click on join in the header above. Prospective members are also welcome to attend one of our regular speaker meetings, usually held the third Friday of each month at the River Hill Meeting Room, 6330 Trotter Road, Clarksville, MD 21029.

We hold informal get togethers in Frederick, Harford County, and the Eastern shore. There is a more formal monthly dinner in Annapolis where reservations are required .Each month, a member in a different area hosts a party open to all members, but especially to welcome new members. The greatest attraction of Mensa is the diversity of our membership; there are people from all walks of life, with widely varying interests and opinions. Conversation is always fascinating, erudite and unpredictable. 

Along with the regular events mentioned above, there are many other parties, excursions and social events. For special interests, there are national Mensa SIGs (Special Interest Groups). We also publish a monthly newsletter, M-Anation, with articles, puzzles, and a calendar of local events. Our national magazine, The Mensa Bulletin, is published with again puzzles, poetry, essays, and information about what the rest of America Mensa is doing, be it outings or Gatherings. At Regional and Annual Gatherings you would have a chance to meet fellow Mensans from over the world ,not just America; picture ,for the American AG 1500-2000 Mensans gathered and expressing as many opinions . European Annual Gatherings do not have as many attendees but are held all over the continent, the British Isles, and in Ireland which has a very active Mensa for a smallish country. 

If you have children under the age of 18, I also encourage you to check out our youth program, Bringing Resources and Involvement to Gifted Homes Together (BRIGHT). You can find more information about BRIGHT here.

We also are active, through our non-profit Mensa Education and Research Foundation, in many research projects and in awarding scholarships. Information on MERF can be found here.

Please join us at one of our meetings soon.

Read further for a history of Mensa, more information about our group today, and a history of Maryland Mensa. (Coming Soon!)

In addition we hope new members find our acronym list useful. (Coming Soon!)