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This page will be dedicated to news and events as information for the members, information for prospective members, and celebrating highlights and activities of the group. Check back often as this page will be updated frequently!


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Submit A Post is now LIVE!
As promised, You (yes you!) can now submit a post for inclusion on this website. You can now help contribute
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Yes, Its That Month (M-Anation Preview Article)
As many of you have noticed, I don’t often submit an introductory article, oreferring to allow content from others take
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Coming Soon! Submit Your Own Posts
Coming soon to a Maryland Mensa Web Site near you, the ability for YOU to submit content for the web
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Hello Maryland Mensa!
Welcome to the new Maryland Mensa Web Site. This site will be continuously updated with new features and content. Keep
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  • Why can't we talk about periods? | Jen Gunter January 17, 2020
    "It shouldn't be an act of feminism to know how your body works," says gynecologist and author Jen Gunter. In this revelatory talk, she explains how menstrual shame silences and represses -- and leads to the spread of harmful misinformation and the mismanagement of pain. Declaring the era of the menstrual taboos over, she delivers […]
  • A path to security for the world's deadliest countries | Rachel Kleinfeld January 16, 2020
    You are more likely to die violently if you live in a middle-income democracy with high levels of inequality and political polarization than if you live in a country at war, says democracy advisor Rachel Kleinfeld. This historical shift in the nature of violence presents an opportunity for everyday voters to act as a great […]
  • Why are drug prices so high? Investigating the outdated US patent system | Priti Krishtel January 16, 2020
    Between 2006 and 2016, the number of drug patents granted in the United States doubled -- but not because there was an explosion in invention or innovation. Drug companies have learned how to game the system, accumulating patents not for new medicines but for small changes to existing ones, which allows them to build monopolies, […]