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With July 1st comes the passing of the torch to a new Regional Vice Chair. And I can say I’m incredibly excited to take on the role! Of course, I’m also flattered that you would have the confidence in me to grant me the position. And that said, what am I going to do for you? I originally listed a few things in my campaign statement, but I’ll start here with the Region, what an RVC does and my plans.

Within Mensa, we have a hierarchy that’s derived from our beginnings as a British organization. Chief among these is the term LocSec, for Local Secretary, but you already knew this. The LocSecs and their teams run our local groups, offering members cool events, lesson plans, leadership, gatherings and more. The LocSecs report up to a Regional Vice Chair – or RVC – and there are 10 across the US. Here in the Heartland Region, or Region 7, we cross 8 states and include 12 local groups and approximately 2,300 members. Per the national site, our Region “has the sparsest population spread across the largest land area”. But that’s not to say we don’t do great things! For instance, we’ve held at least 2 annual gatherings, Mind Games and several local Regional Gatherings. We’ve also been a lead supporter of the Mensa Foundation’s Scholarship program, as essay contest judges and as Culture Quest participants.

When it comes to the job and duties of the RVC, the Bylaws of American Mensa say “the duties of the Regional Vice Chairmen shall be to act as liaison between Local Groups in their respective regions and the American Mensa Committee, and to carry out in their respective regions the policies and programs formulated by the American Mensa Committee.” What that means is I will be working hard to solicit your feedback, host regular calls with LocSecs and other leaders, monitor social media sources to stay ahead of issues and lead a team of members to help me represent the Region at national board meetings held quarterly.

Of course, there’s a lot more than can be summed up in a short, monthly column. However, I’d like to delve into that more in future columns, with local leaders on monthly calls and even by posting on the Region’s Facebook page. But if you have thoughts or recommendations now, I’d love to hear them! You’re always welcome to reach out to me via email at bethane.demeter@gmail.com. Thanks, all!

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