May RVC Column

‘Tis the month of May, given to us for frolicking on the greensward. This year the frolicking must respect social distancing, of course – takes some of the fun out of it but we’re still better than February. Face masks filter out pollen even better than germs, so there’s that.

I’ve been broadening my four-walls experience by going through my collection of Heinlein paperbacks. Case in point, The Door Into Summer, published in 1957, is a Rip Van Winkel story of a guy iced-down in 1970 and awakened to the wonders of 2000. Heinlein’s dates are a little off, but his invention list is pretty good. Add a mouse or trackball to his “Draftsman Dan” gadget and you’ve got an AutoCAD system; “Hired Girl,” his automatic housekeeper, sounds like a hyped-up Roomba. It goes on. But the publisher used cheap paper and cheaper glue – the books are falling apart as I read them.

In American Mensa, this year is a little different because our nationwide CultureQuest® trivia contest has been moved from its usual April time slot into May. Last year it was in October. The results should be announced at our Annual Gathering which will be in August instead of its traditional early July time slot. If you’re not confused yet, you’re not paying attention. To our Region’s slew of teams in the CQ melee, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”

However, our Mensa elections are proceeding on schedule. The polls opened on April 15 and ballots (electronic or paper) must be received by May 15. We’ve got multi-candidate races for one international office and four national offices, plus a referendum for a Bylaws change. Details are in your April Bulletin. Look them over, decide and act, because your vote counts.

The Region 7 section of Mensa Connect is getting more lively, at both the Regional and Local Group levels. I’ve even received several requests to Moderate (i.e., reject) certain posts because the requestor disagreed with the post and/or felt it reflected badly on Mensa.However, our rule is, “Disagree without being disagreeable.” As I read the posts and conversations, I’ve been pleasantly impressed with the general tone.  Participants have been respectful and avoided personal attacks, concentrating instead on expression of opinion and/or objective fact.  That kind of conversation is what Mensa was founded for.  Thanks, contributors, and keep up the good work.

Meanwhile, if you need me for anything I’ll be out on the greensward, frolicking.

~~ Rich

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