March RVC Column

March, a time of renewal, when the world wakes up from its Winter sleep. As I write this my window shows me a snowscape but I’m looking forward to crocuses and tulips and that vivid yellow-green of newly-opened tree leaves. Better times lie ahead, y’all.

Here’s some more good news. American Mensa’s 2020 CultureQuest® nationwide team trivia contest ran online and about 6 months later than usual, but it did happen and our Heartland Region did well. Two of our teams placed in the Top 20:

  • Questionable Behavior from Denver Mensa, captained by Tara Lange, placed #8
  • Heart of America from Mid-America Mensa, captained by Paul Hough, placed #13

Congratulations, folks, you make me proud.

By no coincidence, registration for the 2021 competition will be open by the time you read this. Only Mensans would willingly sign up to spend a May Sunday afternoon working a 200-question trivia contest to benefit the Foundation’s Scholarship Fund, but we do and we think it’s fun. If you and a few Mensan friends would like to be part of the experience, go to for more details. Registration closes at the end of March.

That Scholarship program only works with the active support of hundreds of Mensan judges who spent part of their February reading and scoring thousands of essays. Thanks, to you judges and to you Scholarship Chairs who rode herd. You’re part of why I’m so proud to be a member of American Mensa.

Unless you’re a lifer or midway into a multi-year membership, March is also a time of renewal for your Mensa membership. This hasn’t been a normal year for Mensans or anyone else. We’ve not been able to support our normal menu of face-to-face and food-to-face get-togethers, but you’ve still been receiving your Bulletin (with Bill Etienne’s mind-melting puzzle pages) and your local newsletter (please thank your Editor) and to keep your brain cells ticking there’s been a florescence of online Mensan activities – from conversations to presentations – on Mensa Connect and other platforms. Check for a partial list of live and online programs. Stay with us for the expedition beyond the mess.
Better times lie ahead, y’all.

~ Rich

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