April RVC Column

You can’t not like April – the return of gentle weather, flowers popping out all over the place, and (we hope) baseball. OK, there’s Tax Day, but on the other hand there’s Easter, Ramadan and Earth Day.

The third week of April is the traditional home of Mensa Cares, our nation-wide exercise in local community service. It’s always been a good spark for Local Groups getting together to improve public life, whether by picking up litter in a park, sorting canned goods at a Food Bank or even donating blood. Not this year, of course – recommended precautions against the various strains of Covid-19 have nixed nearly everything of that sort (although picking up litter is always a good thing). I’m looking forward to next year, though…

Here’s one sign of a promising future – North Dakota Mensa has announced the latest edition of their perennial Regional Gathering, this time named ND HeRitaGe 2021. It’s scheduled for August 20-22 at the President’s House in Valley City ND. You can read full details and register at northdakota.us.mensa.org/RG.html. Yes, it’s just a few days before AML hosts a much bigger party, the World Gathering in Houston (ag.us.mensa.org), but the ND RGs traditionally feature homemade brownies.

This April is special for American Mensa because it includes the start of our national election period. If you have an email address on file with the National Office, look for your electronic ballot in your Inbox on or soon after April 15. If the office doesn’t have an email address for you, they’ll mail you a paper ballot. Marked ballots, either flavor, need to be returned by May 15.

You can see the list of candidates and access their candidacy materials after logging onto American Mensa’s website and going to us.mensa.org/lead/amc/elections/2021-election-portal/. You’ll see that we have contests going for four of the five national offices, one referendum for a Bylaws amendment, and several active races for RVC posts.

There’s no RVC contest in our Heartland Region, because Beth Anne Demeter was unopposed and therefore “declared elected.” She has a long history of service to Mensa at the local, national and international levels. You can check it out if you click on her name in the Election Portal’s listing. I have full confidence that as RVC and as an AMC member she will provide informed and enthusiastic leadership for our Region and for American Mensa. Thanks for stepping up, Beth Anne, prepare to be real busy starting in July.

~~ Rich

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