Our New Local Secretary, Ryan Adler

My name is Ryan Adler, and I am Denver Mensa’s 2021 LocSec. I’m not big on titles, so just call me either Ryan or Lord Commander. I’ve been in Colorado since 2008 and joined Mensa in 2013. I’m a Leo, very partial to the KC Chiefs, dog enthusiast, and proud purveyor of sarcasm. While I graduated from law school, I’ve never practiced but am as fantastic an armchair constitutional law scholar as they come. For fun, terrible programming is at the top of the list (Mystery Science Theater 3000-caliber stuff). 

My day job, which often turns into a night job, is as a director and Superforecaster with Good Judgment Inc. Long story short, we forecast things like election outcomes, finance, capital markets, sports, and every stripe of geopolitical event. I live/work a stone’s throw from Olde Town Arvada, so I’m usually game for a coffee meetup (depending on weather and infectious disease considerations). I can talk anyone’s ear off about economics, history, etymology, philosophy, and anecdotes regarding my better half, Julia (my four-year-old Australian Labrachiweenie…AKC hasn’t officially recognized the breed, but we’ll get there). If I could invent just one thing, it’d either be an effective cure for tuberculosis or carb-free chips & salsa.

I look forward to leading the chapter through the currently socially-distanced state of affairs and am always interested to hear ideas about how we can increase interactions among ourselves with COVID in mind. While whoever said, “May you live in interesting times!” would probably cringe at 2020, we will work together to make the best out of 2021.

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