December LocSec Column

From Your Commander in Geek!

And that’s a wrap!!! It’s been amazing being your LocSec these past two years. I’ve had a ton of fun and, with this December issue, my term is officially ending.

Most importantly, I’ll offer my sincere thanks to all the amazing volunteers who helped out, made these two years what they were and more. Specifically, my ExComm team of board members included:

Alex Zhou as Assistant LocSec, who offers great perspective on the same issues I wonder about and creativity in thinking of fun new events. Even if we aren’t in a position right now to put on those events…someday we will!
Ryan Adler as Treasurer, who consistently offers sardonic wit, a sense of irony thick enough to cut butter and a grasp of the obvious seemingly few others can pick up on. He’s always ready to reassure us that “we have money” regardless of how much or little it is.
Londell Jackson as Member-at-Large, who offers the same insight into good communication and insightful wit that Ryan does. In my opinion Londell has a solid pulse on what’s defined as polite behavior from Mensans and uses that to help grow the group.
Sara Shepard as Membership Officer, who regularly monitors the group, it’s opinions and even the negative feedback with aplomb and tact. She is truly vested in what makes this organization great and wants to see it grow and flourish, one member at a time.
Sarah Boe as Editor, who has pulled together a very different Matrix than the one we were used to in the past. She’s scrounged and found interesting content that appeals to (what I’m hoping are) many members and I hope that can continue.
James Taylor as Programs Officer, who has brought creativity and new ideas, adding some speakers into our mix the past several years on topics that no one ever thought would be a hit. But they were! And he’s a cutie, which is why he’s my husband.

Of course, there are many more volunteers outside of these. Taylor Profita helps with the website, Rich Olcott keeps us on the straight and narrow as Regional Vice Chair, Lauralee Arnold allows us to play games in a constructive learning environment and more. However, the six ExComm members above commit to regular meetings, following through on regular responsibilities, engaging in special projects and truly want to improve our Denver Mensa.

I sincerely look forward to the next ExComm and what their accomplishments will be! I wish them much success and, while I’ll remain in a volunteer role to help where possible, I also suggest you consider becoming involved! Reach out for more details. And, of course, happy holidays!

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