November LocSec Column

From Your Commander in Geek!

Holidays!!! You’ve seen the displays in stores already! While I’m sad to see Christmas decorations even before Halloween is upon us (or, as of this writing, October 1 has yet to arrive), it’s sometimes nice to know we’re almost done with this crazy 2020 of a year. Not that a “new year” rollover will magically solve our issues, but it’s something nice to focus on.

When it comes to Denver Mensa, there are a few important things happening. First, are virtual events! We’ve been hosting virtual happy hours, coffee connections, new member events, speakers and more. While these haven’t been extensive, the same applies – you, as Mensans, are always welcome to plan what you want! If you’re active nationally on Facebook or Mensa Connect, you’ll see there are many other groups nationwide being active in the virtual realm. There have been virtual classes, cocktail-making lessons, movie nights, escape rooms, scavenger hunts, puzzle parties and more! There’s no reason we couldn’t host more of these in our group so, if you’re interested, reach out and I’d be happy to provide some suggestions on either how you can start planning something or how someone in our group can help you start planning something.

Additionally, in this vein, we usually plan a year-end holiday party at a restaurant / bar. Last year and the year before we were at the Schoolhouse in Arvada and, while they’re technically open, the logistics are difficult since they cannot accommodate large groups. Frankly, I also want to be safe. That said, we’re still working out the best option for a holiday party or, at a minimum, member appreciation event. Keep an eye out for more details!

Going back to important things happening, the second of these is our elections! Toward year-end, we elect a new Executive Committee – or ExComm – which is our organization’s governing board. There are four elected positions, including the Local Secretary, Assistant Local Secretary, Treasurer and Member-At-Large. We’ve had only one official candidate for each position, so that means the election is uncontested and, per our bylaws, the candidates are elected! We’ll report more on this in the December issue, so be sure to watch out for some introductions to our new ExComm members. These four elected members will then appoint the three remaining members of the ExComm (the Programs Chair, Membership Chair and Editor) as of the start of the new term in January.

But as mentioned, keep an eye out for virtual events and take advantage of the opportunities to be involved! See you soon!

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