October LocSec Column

From Your Commander in Geek!

As we head into fall and start to think about 2021 (well, mostly it’s ending 2020 that we’re all focused on!), I’ve heard a lot of people comment about how this virtual stuff is the new norm. It’s not that we want it to be the new norm, it’s just kind of becoming that way. And for good reason! Let’s concentrate on ridding ourselves of this virus and we’ll look forward to in-person events again!

For now, there are a few very cool things happening in the virtual world. For one, we’re seeing a lot more Mensa events go virtual! Keep your eye on our schedule, as we’re hosting the new member events, coffee gatherings and happy hours virtually. In addition, outside of Mensa, the Denver Metro Regional Science and Engineering Fair has also gone virtual! This is an event that several Mensans – and special thanks to our regular volunteers, Ryan Adler and Jennifer Jewell – have volunteered at as judges the past few years. This event was “established in 1963 to give pre-collegiate researchers an outlet to engage their scientific interests and an opportunity to interact with professional researchers and scientists”. With that mission, you can imagine how important continuity and opportunities are. That said, the fair will go on, although virtually! We’ll be helping judge the entries, same as in years past. Or, if you’re interested in being involved, reach out!

Additionally, in this issue of the Matrix, you’ll see a heartwarming and congratulatory story about Charlotte Pankratz, who just won a Youth Impact Award from the Colorado Association of Gifted & Talented (CAGT). This is a pretty impressive achievement with a ton of competition! Charlotte’s project, in particular, related to reducing our carbon footprint. The award will be given in October, but check out the story here for more information. And, in terms of Denver Mensa, we support the CAGT’s annual fair in October by sponsoring a vendor table. While their event has also been taken virtually this year, we’ll continue to support the organization as possible.

For your purposes, keep an eye out for those virtual opportunities and take advantage of them! We love your connection, participation and engaging stories, like the one about Charlotte. See you in the virtual world soon!

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