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Welcome to the Home Page of Denver Mensa. This page is under construction, so please check back often. In the coming days and weeks, the Calendar will be added, so that members can keep up on what is occurring, as well as stimulating content and links to articles of interest…

The Denver Mensa Membership Survey for February 2021 Survey is now available online at: 

A copy of the survey is HERE!¡!¡!

May LocSec Column
“So what do you talk about in Mensa?” Surely, I’m not the only one to have heard this from folks.
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April LocSec Column
Ah, the 1980s! Nintendo, slap bracelets, the Police Academy franchise, DeLoreans…this list goes on and on. As a child of
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May RVC Column
‘Tis the month of May, given to us for frolicking on the greensward. This year the frolicking must respect social
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April RVC Column
You can’t not like April – the return of gentle weather, flowers popping out all over the place, and (we
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March RVC Column
March, a time of renewal, when the world wakes up from its Winter sleep. As I write this my window
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December RVC Column
December is usually a time for parties and feasting and family get-togethers. Unfortunately, our current political, economic, epidemiological and weirdweather
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